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Arnis Jaudzems, SIXT General Manager in Baltic States
Arnis Jaudzems, SIXT General Manager in Baltic States

Arnis Jaudzems, SIXT General Manager in Baltic States

Business activity of almost every company require a vehicle. For the company vehicle allows not only to visit clients and partners, but also serves as a company’s business card.

Effective fleet management requires knowledge and experience. If originally choosing a vehicle seems something simple, after starting the dialogue with the client and specifying it needs, we come to the conclusion, that choice between vehicle makes and models; fuel/energy type; new model or former, is not that simple- all of the mentioned above influence vehicle repurchase value and company expenses overall.

For companies not only to understand the purpose of outsourcing, but also to use it, the company management must understand that service outsourcing provides more effectiveness. There are large companies with large transport units which have been created over the many years. For some representatives of such companies it may seem that such important duties cannot be trusted to others. Thus the company management as well as its employees must come to the conclusion- we rather choose the outsourcing and all our efforts we dedicate to the business development and employees, who are involved in the fleet management, can be employed more appropriate.

For more than ten years I manage SIXT rent a car and SIXT Leasing brands in Baltics. More than 20 years that have been worked in this field allow to successfully plan the product development in Baltics, business planning, and more importantly – provide fleet management consultations for current clients as well as potential ones. 

Work at the Board of Car Rental association (LANA) helps to form friendlier environment of mobility.  

Juris Veldre, Sixt Sales and Customer service department manager
Juris Veldre, SIXT Leasing Sales and Customer service department manager

Juris Veldre, SIXT Leasing Sales and Customer service department manager 

SIXT is not a car dealer, who deals with vehicle sales and provision of individual services. We are also not a bank, who provides financing. We are something more than mentioned above- at least we believe that. Our main priority is our client and its needs, who we not only provide with services with added value, but simultaneously think about the cost efficiency.

That’s how things are in this life. Baker makes the best bread. Fisherman can catch more fish from the sea. Programmer knows how to program. Working in this field for more than 15 years, I can boldly assure that we are experts of our field, providing full service leasing and fleet management for largest companies not only in Latvia but also in Baltics.

Our main task is to ascertain our clients wishes and needs and offer the most suitable vehicle or even fleet management solutions accordingly. For example, every time when we receive an order for new vehicle, firstly we precise the necessities of our client. Afterword’s we work hard to get the best vehicle offer and fulfil these necessities in the set deadline. The rest- the most suitable vehicle purchasing process (choosing the equipment, bargaining the price, and searching for the best alternatives) - we leave to ourselves.

Everyday drivers have to know just one phone number, we deal with all the rest matters regarding the car. You’ll say- simple and easy? Yes, that’s how it is! Our clients just have to call SIXT customer service. He does not need to think about, which service to deliver the car to, when the car will be signed up for technical maintenance, when will the spare parts be delivered, which insurer he needs to go to, etc. We got the answers to these questions. 

We do not wait only for our clients to call us but also contact them and remind about vehicle related matters. In the modern day life rhythm it is impossible to remember all the information, and it is not necessary. This is why I believe that it is much more pleasant that, for example, our client is reminded about the upcoming technical inspection by us, not by the Road police and impressive penalty.

Long story short - client is happy and contended. That’s what matters to us!

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