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About SIXT Leasing

Mobility solutions from 1967. SIXT leasing provides mobility solutions for customers with small, medium or large fleet, staying independent from vehicle manufacturers, dealers and banks. Our aim is to provide quality service for lowest possible price. This is possible because of our more than 40 year experience on an international level; and more than 10 year experience in Baltics, providing fleet management services for large fleets based on the TCO (total costs of ownership). SIXT is the largest vehicle purchaser in Latvia and also one of the largest in Europe.

Besides trusted and tested during many decades well known manufacturers, SIXT Leasing closely cooperates with many vehicle dealers, oils and gas companies, services, tyre retailers, insurance companies and many other service providers. This is the reason why SIXT Leasing has a wide knowledge on various markets, which cannot possibly have an individual company or a person.

Fleet management system Online Fleet Control allows to receive actual information on company fleet, vehicles and users online. Detailed reports and process transparency allow us to identify the cost reduction potential.

About SIXT

SIXT is the leading mobility service provider in Europe, founded in Munich, Germany in 1912. Currently SIXT is available in more than 100 countries and 4000 rental stations worldwide. SIXT provides car rental, chauffeur drive, full service car leasing, fleet management and consultation services being the leader of technology and innovations in these spheres.

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